McKinney benefits every day from the tireless work and countless hours contributed by a group of seven men and women. These local volunteers are elected by their constituents and receive no compensation for their work as public servants. These men and women are the school board members of McKinney Independent School.

Their job is to establish a vision for the education program, design a structure to achieve that vision, assure schools are accountable to the community, and strongly advocate continuous improvement in student learning. That job entails an endless string of meetings and school functions to attend; reams of reports, agendas, proposals, and other information to read and study; and a host of difficult decisions to make.

Board members contribute hundreds and hundreds of hours each year governing this district. Whether crafting policies, hiring administrators, listening to staff and student concerns, or recognizing outstanding programs, board members always keep their eyes on the goal of student achievement.

January is School Board Recognition Month and McKinney North High School would like to take this opportunity to thank Curtis Rippee, Kathi Livezey, Maria McKinzie, Bobby Amick, Amy Dankel, Lynn Sperry and Wade Johnson for devoting time to support public education and serve our district.