Due to continued growth, McKinney Boyd High School enrollment exceeding capacity, and the recent additions/renovations at McKinney High School, there is a need to redraw attendance zones for the 2014-15 school year.

The following is a series of questions and answers that will hopefully provide insight into the decision-making process and timeline for boundary changes.

Question: When are boundary change decisions made and how can I have input?
Updated enrollment projections are being gathered and will be used to draw the preliminary zones for review in December. The proposed zones will be communicated and input taken from parents. An opportunity for citizen input will be extended in December and January through an online feedback form and through a Telephone Town Hall Meeting. In an effort to consolidate the feedback, input provided through email should instead be directed to the online feedback form. Both opportunities for feedback will be advertised at mckinneyisd.net and through other district communication avenues when they become available.

Question: What are the criteria for determining attendance zones in MISD?
As staff develops the proposed plans, they take into consideration issues of proximity to the schools, utilization of space with future and current needs in mind, socio-economic diversity, and boundary stability. No one factor is more important than another in the process of formulating attendance zones.

Question: Is there a chance that some middle schools will be split when the students move on to high school?
It is not the most desirable situation, but in a fast-growth area trying to balance enrollments at schools, it is likely that students of one attendance zone at the middle school level may be assigned to different high schools. Perfect feeder patterns are not possible based on growth patterns.

Question: If we are rezoned, will this be the only time?
McKinney ISD will continue to build or expand schools to meet the needs of growth; this is particularly the case in the more active growth areas of the District. While boundary stability is always a goal, as long as the district continues to grow some rezoning will occur.


Question: Will everyone – students, parents and teachers – be completely satisfied with the new boundaries?
Probably not. Changing schools is an emotional issue for all involved and is an inevitable issue to be addressed frequently in a growing school district like MISD. We continue to experience growth because people are still moving here and because of the large areas of land yet to be developed within the school district. We do have concerns with children changing schools multiple times during their elementary school years, which is why it is incumbent upon us to make the best, most well thought-out decisions possible. We hope these decisions will serve us well over time. Our guiding principle is to provide the best and most equitable opportunities for all children. Schools within the District have the same general class sizes, the same general curriculum and comparable facilities. Although the philosophies of the instructional leaders may differ slightly, the same opportunities are provided throughout the District and guarantee a quality education at all campuses.

Question: What is the timeline for finalizing the high school zones for next year?
Parent, staff, and public feedback will be solicited in December and January. The district will advertise a Telephone Town Hall Meeting, by which parents will receive a phone call from the district (or can call into the meeting) and listen to the Board of Trustees discuss the proposed boundary zones. There will be opportunities for participant feedback during this meeting, and also through an online feedback form at mckinneyisd.net. The Board of Trustees will consider the input and a final recommendation will be made on Jan. 21, 2014 at the Board of Trustees Work Study Meeting. A final decision will be considered for approval on Jan. 28, 2014 at the Regular Board Meeting.

Question: What is Grandfathering, and will it be offered?
It is an option that allows students living in a changed high school attendance zone to stay at their current school until they graduate. Yes, grandfathering will likely occur, but the details are currently being studied. The District prefers to offer grandfathering when possible, but how it is implemented is dependent upon campus enrollment projections and school capacity.

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Zone Maps

Elementary Zone Map
Last Zoned in Fall 2010
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Middle School Zone Map
Last Zoned in Fall 2011
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High School Zone Map
Last Zoned in 2008
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