I like pie. You like pie. Let’s face it ... who doesn’t like pie? Aside from being the best dessert (and breakfast) known to mankind, pie can help you negotiate the emotional minefields that are the family get-togethers during the Holidays. Even the blackest of black sheep will be welcomed with open arms when the wafting scent of warm pie filters through the doorway.

Father-in-law hates your politics? No problem, Chocolate Chip Pie and all is forgiven. Pumpkin Pie for Mom who thought you should have stayed in school. And Apple Pie for Grandma who claims you never call, despite you providing phone records to the contrary. But it’s got to be good pie. Paste-like pastry and soggy fillings aren’t going to cut it if you don’t want those old home movies to appear from the attic. And let’s be honest, you can’t bake cookie dough out of a tube without incident. But never fear, The Pantry is here. They make pies. Not good pies. Great pies.

Hurry and make your Thanksgiving Pie order at The Pantry before Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Early pie pick-up starts at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Make your order by phone 972-542-2411, in person, or online at ThePantryRestaurant.net.