Let’s be frank, hot dogs are just better grilled. I would guess to say this is why Dodger Stadium sells the most hot dogs of any ballpark in the country. You can get them steamed, but the grilled dogs are by far better. Grill the perfect-tasting dog by picking up some Wagyu Beef Dogs at Local Yocal in Historic Downtown McKinney. These dogs grilled up perfectly, kept their shape and size and tasted great.

Although mustard is the most popular topping for adults, and ketchup takes the prize for children, the sky’s the limit when it comes to toppings. Invite friends over and have them each bring two or three of their favorite toppings. You’ll be surprised at the new creations you might find.

Here are some classic regional hot dog combinations and some new ones with a twist.

New York Deli – Brown mustard and sauerkraut

Chicago – Mustard, relish, onion, tomato wedges, pickle spear, pickled peppers, celery salt, on a poppyseed bun

McKinney Online - The Plain Hot Dog All Dressed Up
McKinney Online - The Plain Hot Dog All Dressed Up

Kansas – Shredded Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a sesame bun

Southern Dog – Chili, pimiento cheese and coleslaw

Frito Dog – Cheese, chili, mustard, onions and crushed chili Fritos

Bar B Q Dog – Fresh coleslaw and barbeque sauce

South of the ‘Boarder’ Dog – Guacamole, sliced jalepenos and queso fresco

BLT Dog – Wrap a slice of bacon around a hot dog and cook over low heat, then top with lettuce and tomato

Greek Dog – Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives, banana peppers and feta cheese topped with tzatziki sauce

Boston Dog – Baked beans and bacon crumbles


About the author: Debbie Denissen is a McKinney food connoisseur and caterer who travels the world with her husband learning about the latest culinary trends. Contact her at dldenissen@gmail.com.