Life as a parent can be challenging. Planning a child’s birthday party, however, can be even more stressful. The process of deciding on a theme, coordinating schedules, booking venues, inviting friends, and making sure the party itself is an extraordinarily out-of-this-world, mind-boggling, must-attend event can be downright maddening, especially if you’re trying to stay on a budget. This is pressure no parent needs.

McKinney has many cost-saving resources for parents preparing to throw a super-fun, unique birthday party.

Venue and Party Supplies

Confetti Monkey offers kids and parents a reprieve from the every day. Offering both unique gifts and creative celebrations, Confetti Monkey works within any parent’s budget.

Candy themed parties are a big hit at Confetti Monkey.

“Candy” themed parties are a big hit at Confetti Monkey.

Jennifer Thompson, Confetti Monkey owner, explains, “We strive to offer the type of wholesome, fun party you might provide at home, taking away the hassle of preparation, setup, and clean up for the parent. Our party themes are super innovative, celebrating multiple birthday themes for boys and girls, younger or older, shy or outgoing.”

Some of Confetti Monkey’s parties include the “Girl’s Stuff ” party, complete with runway, “Build Your Own SuperHero” party, a “Candy” themed party, a “Glow In the Dark” party, and the ever popular “Game Show” party. Each theme utilizes unique gifts and handmade options and incorporate them into each activity.

According to Thompson, “Our Game Show party is always a hit. We use wireless buzzers and flashing lights to provide great sound effects, and the kids love to test their knowledge of trivia on popular topics, such as Justin Beiber or wild animals. Working with each parent to customize the party, the game runs similarly to ‘Jeopardy,’ and it’s really fun for those kids who like competition. We even had adults come in and test their knowledge!”

Everything is included for the parent with the exception of the cake. For those parents that prefer to save their pennies, Confetti Monkey helps their customers put together cute and affordable packaged party favors for use at home. She continues, “Our goal is to help our clients offer unique and custom gifts, allowing their child to stand out — everything we put together is unlike anything around.”


Finding Magic on the Square

Magic is seeing a rise in popularity due to the well-known series, “Harry Potter,” as well as mainstream media magicians, such as Criss Angel. Main Street Magic and Fun sells a plethora of magic tricks and effects for all ages and they work with customers young or old to perfect tricks before leaving the store.

Main Street Magic and Fun offers party space and magicians for hire.

Main Street Magic and Fun offers party space and magicians for hire.

Jennifer Gracy, Co-Owner of Main Street Magic and Fun says, “We love to help a young child with his or her first magic trick, and we enjoy working with professional magicians. We have even helped people use magic when doing something as simple as handing out business cards.”

Main Street Magic and Fun hosts birthday parties in their ‘Magic Attic,’ a very special space located upstairs from their downtown McKinney location. Typically two hours long, birthday parties are complete with a magic show in which the birthday child is the star. Magic is incorporated into the entire party event including the unveiling of the birthday cake. Each party provides a dedicated party hostess. Gracy continues, “Our goal with our parties is to allow both the kids to have fun and parents to destress. Throughout the process, parents are able to relax and enjoy the event while capturing the magic of the moment. Parents only need to bring a cake and the kids. We do the rest!”

To minimize the cost, magicians can be hired from Main Street Magic and Fun for all kinds of events, including birthday parties and school events. They customize the show around a specific theme and work closely with their customers, keeping each budget in mind.


This Takes the Cake

The Layered Bake Shop makes creative cupcakes.

The Layered Bake Shop makes creative cupcakes.

For those families choosing to have their birthday parties at home to save a few dollars, the Layered Bake Shop is an all-natural custom-bake shop and cake-design studio located in downtown McKinney. They provide uniquely designed cakes and desserts for every special occasion. Layered Bake Shop’s cakes and desserts are all fresh and made from scratch; they are never frozen.

Shannon Star, Owner and Designer of Layered Bake Shop, explains, “Our cakes are completely customized, but as a single mom and a business owner, I am always on a budget. Many times I have provided detailed sculpted items for cupcake tops or cakes, allowing parents to do the baking themselves and then adding a specific themed topper for the creation. Recently, one of my customers had a Lego Batman and Robin themed party, and I created unique fondant toppers depicting a Batman and Robin in action. They were incredibly cute and continued to emphasize her theme, while not breaking the bank at only $1 each.”

Regardless of whatever theme or venue is chosen, parents aren’t obligated to spend a ton of money to celebrate another year with their child. Set a budget before you start, focus on the purpose, and celebrate the time spent with together.


About the author: Carolyn Cameron is a freelance writer and marketing professional who dreads birthday party planning.