We adore our pets. The unconditional love, playful kisses and furiously wagging tails when we walk through the door can make a house a home.

So here’s a personal way to remember them at Christmas! With a few materials and a few of hours of your time, an adorable, unique stocking will be ready to stuff full of treats and toys for your furry friend.

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric shears
  • Fabric A: 2 pieces – 24” x 13” fabric (faux fur, fleece, felt)
  • Fabric B: 2 pieces – 24” x 13” contrasting fabric
  • 1 piece – 9” x 12” dark brown or black felt for paw print
  • Long sewing pins
  • Large-eye sewing needle
  • Dark embroidery floss
  • Clear tape
  • 9” twist cord

1. Cut two paw shaped pieces (approximately 23” long and 6” wide) from fabric A and two paw shaped pieces from fabric B.

2. Cut paw print from brown/black felt.

3. Pin paw print to right side of fabric A.


Santa Paws

4. Stitch paw print in place with floss.

5. Pin four paws together: With fabric A right sides out, and fabric B right sides in.

6. Sew paws together by whip stitching (see tip) around the edges with floss, leaving top edges unsewn.

7. Sew front two edges of top together; sew back two edges of top together.

8. Fold down top 1½” of stocking, (right side of fabric B will be facing out as a cuff).

9. Tape the ends of twist cord to keep them from fraying.

10. Sew cord to back of stocking for hanging.

TIP: How to whip stitch

Tie knot in the end of thread. Poke needle through the top layer of fabric, between the two pieces. (Knot will now be hidden between the two pieces of fabric.)

Next, poke needle through both layers of fabric so the needle and thread come up in almost the same place as in previous step — thread should be wrapped around the edges of the fabric.

Repeat looping thread around fabric at even intervals.

To end a whip stitch poke the needle through the bottom of this stitch again (making the stitch doubled) but only go through one layer, end by knotting the thread that is hidden between layers.

Loops should be pulled snuggly, but not tight.

Fill with treats and toys — while you’re at it, include a few homemade dog treats!

Click here to download the pattern for the Santa Paws stocking.