Charting the growth of your kids is a special way to remember days gone by. You can mark it in a doorway, but what happens when you move? How about a sophisticated piece of art that you could put anywhere in your home for under $20? A keepsake.

We recently tried our hand at making a giant ruler that hangs in our entryway adorned by recent pictures of our three children. It turned out beautifully and we receive compliments all of the time. The best part is, it’ll come with us if we ever move.


•  One 1-foot x 6-foot piece of wood
•  Wood stain
•  Sharpie
•  Ruler
•  Number stencils
•  Ballpoint pen

1. Cut wood to desired length.

2. Stain wood.

3. Use sharpie to carefully mark off measurements.

4. Use a stencil to draw numbers. What we did and it worked very well: found the font we liked and printed off various sizes of numbers from 1 - 9. Cut out the size we liked and used a ballpoint pen to trace the numbers onto the wood. Because the wood is soft, the indent was perfect to go back over with the sharpie. Take your time on this. My husband is steadier and more meticulous so he got this job.

5. Find the perfect spot and hang!

This giant ruler would be a creative housewarming gift, wonderful present for the grandparents or special treat for mom or dad. And with a little elbow grease, you can’t beat the cost!


About the author: Simri Davis lives in McKinney with her husband and three children.