I have discovered a fun and easy way to display your team spirit: rag wreaths! They are simple and easy to create; all you need are a few supplies and some time. They look great and can even be personalized.

Start by cutting the material into strips about 1½ inches wide and 10 inches long. The strips do not have to be exact.

McKinney How To: Rag Wreaths

Begin tying the strips of material in knots on the wreath and work your way around. I chose to add ribbons along with the material strips to vary textures.Stagger the material knots on the different rungs of the wreath. Be sure to push the knots of material close together so your wreath is full.

If you add embellishments, attach thin, malleable wire to the item and hot glue to your wreath. Then twist the wire onto the form.

Voilà! That’s it!

In the examples at the bottom, I featured a wreath for each of the three McKinney high schools.


  • Metal wreath form (I used a 12 inch)
  • 3-4 yards of material (2-3 different colors)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors (I used pinking shears to cut down on frayed edges)
  • Unique embellishments to personalize (wooden letters, team logos, etc.)

These wreaths are super-easy to make. Just cut strips of fabric and tie them to a wire wreath frame! From here the possibilities are endless with embellishing your wreath to customize it.

The examples below also display:

  • A chalkboard to put your player’s team number on the wreath (McKinney Boyd).
  • Wooden shapes are available at most craft stores of sporting items like this football (McKinney North).
  • Letters are another great way to customize your wreath with the school initials or your player’s name (McKinney High).


About the author: Simri Davis lives in McKinney with her husband and three children.

McKinney Boyd wreath   McKinney North wreath   McKinney High wreath

McKinney Boyd


McKinney North


McKinney High