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Valentine’s Day = hearts, candy, love. It’s not hard to think of words to describe this special day, and words are how my family decided to celebrate. All of us want to hear encouraging words from their loved ones, so here’s a way to get started.

Most of us are familiar with candy conversation hearts. (You know the chalky little sweet treats that come in a windowed box once a year.) It’s fun to read the different phrases and even more fun to give them to friends to send a special a little message. We used them as inspiration for our valentine craft.


  Wooden hearts (can be purchased inexpensively by the dozen)


  Sharpie Markers

  Keepsake box

1. Paint each of the hearts.

2. Write a word of affirmation or an encouraging phrase on each, with a sharpie. (Some examples include, “U Rock” or “U R Special.”)

3. Decorate the keepsake box.

4. Store the hearts inside, and leave it out for all to enjoy. It’s ready to go, and couldn’t be any easier!

5. At dinnertime, have someone pull out a heart and read the phrase. Then everyone else takes a turn and shares something encouraging about that person.

Everybody has his or her moment in the spotlight, sharing loving words over dinner and building memories for the future!


About the author: Simri Davis lives to read and loves to live in McKinney with her husband and three young children.


This story is republished from the February 2011 issue of McKinney Magazine