Give your 4th of July party some sizzle. The Pop Rocks will pop from the moisture in the cake, so don’t pour them in earlier than one hour before serving.


1 Red sheet cake
1 White sheet cake
1 Blue sheet cake
White icing
Black licorice
Pop Rocks
1½-inch Round cookie cutter (or reuse a clean empty fruit or vegetable can before you toss it into your recycle bin)

Step 1

Cut circles from each of the three cake slabs. Remove centers of the cake circles with an apple corer or jumbo straw and set aside.


• • •


Step 2

Stack the three layers of cake circles and secure with frosting in between layers.


• • •


Step 3

One hour before serving, pour pop rocks into the center of the cakes and place a piece of licorice in to make the “fuse.” Add back some of a blue center previously set aside to secure the licorice.