Father’s Day is here. We love the guy, so maybe we take him out for a steak or let him sneak in an afternoon nap. After all, he works hard and loves his family.

Wait a minute. It’s Father’s Day! The day we celebrate the man who works hard and loves his family. This is one special person, so he deserves a special day!

Get the kids and put your heads together to make this Father’s Day one he will never forget! Make sure your children are involved because your husband wouldn’t be a dad without them.

The best thing about these fun activities is that they can be as complex or as simple as you would like, or you can combine these ideas for an entire day of family fun.

Father's Day Tailgate Picnic in McKinney
Father's Day Tailgate Picnic in McKinney

A Tailgate Picnic on Father's Day is fun and unique.

Tailgate Picnic

Is there a sport Dad is crazy about? Why not build a “themed” tailgate party around it?

Our family loves baseball so that’s where the kids and I started. Ballpark food, the back of our van and a place to play ball – that’s it! Throw in some shoe-polished windows, “#1 Dad!,” some inexpensive baseball party favors, and we have the makings of a great meal on the go.

To Do List:

•  Pick theme

•  Plan menu

•  Collect decorations

•  Shop

•  Prepare

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt in McKinney
Father's Day Scavenger Hunt in McKinney

Create a Scavenger Hunt for Dad to follow on Father's Day.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a penchant for poetry? Want to send Dad on a wild goose chase? How about a scavenger hunt around town? Start with a list of a few of Dad’s favorite spots. Recruit an older child to craft simple rhyming clues and younger children to draw pictures of the destinations. Hand everything over to Dad and send him on his way ... or and head out with him. Don’t forget to capture it all on camera. He’ll love the thrill of the hunt.

To Do List:

•  Brainstorm favorite destinations

•  Write clues/draw pictures

•  Bring a camera


Do you remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? My husband loved them as a child. The story unfolds, options emerge and you were the one to make the choice on how the adventure would continue.

Taking that same idea, you can make Dad one happy guy as he plans the perfect day with his family. With the children, write a story about your family on Father’s Day. At certain points in the story, have multiple choice options for Dad. Does he want breakfast in bed or to head to the donut shop? Movie night with the kids or date night with mom? After he’s read the story and made his choices, get going on your special Father’s Day adventure!

Father's Day in McKinney

To Do List:

•  Outline a story

•  Plan the multiple choice options

•  Illustrate and write your family’s tale

•  Enjoy!

Have fun as you plan the perfect Father’s Day celebration. Oh, and another little perk? If summer boredom has set in, this is bound to keep those kids busy and excited ... at least for a few days.


About the author: Simri Davis lives to read and loves to live in McKinney with her husband and three children.


(This story is reprinted from the June 2011 issue of McKinney Magazine)