Do you ever tire of your same old holiday wreath? Looking for an easy and elegant alternative to that worn-out, faded heirloom? Well, lace up your skates and glide into the season with this simple “how to” for the holidays. After you acquire all of the supplies, it should take less than an hour to complete.


McKinney Online - Holiday How To

  Pair of ice skates: I purchased mine at a garage sale. The more beat-up, the better ... and cheaper. (Don’t forget to check at sport consignment stores.)

  Lace (less than 24 square inches)

  Holiday ribbon

  Holiday greenery or spray


  Spray adhesive/Mod Podge



1. Cut and glue the lace to the form of the ice skate. Be creative ... don’t match all the lace. Glue several patterns of lace on the skates for added depth and interest.

2. Attach the pair of skates to your greenery of choice with wire or the laces.

3. Embellish with iridescent glitter for some holiday shimmer or attach a beautiful holiday ribbon.

Optional: Layer skates and holiday greenery onto a vintage sleigh, old window or distressed painted wooden plaque, then place your new holiday masterpiece inside or out for festive viewing!


About the author: Carolyn Kubes is a local freelance writer. You can contact her at or follow her on Facebook.


McKinney Online - Holiday How To   McKinney Online - Holiday How To