Winter is in full swing. Aside from keeping your home warm, have you considered keeping humidity controlled during this time of the year? It is important to know how humid your home is and how to manage it to keep your home a healthy place to stay.

Signs Of High Humidity Level In Your Home

  • Mold growth starts on the corners of windows, walls and ceiling, around pipes or in the bathroom
  • Your home has a musty odor
  • Visible condensations on glass windows
  • You feel like your house is sticky and muggy
  • Your family members are experiencing allergy symptoms when they stay inside

Helpful Tips To Reduce Indoor Humidity This Winter

Identify what is causing your indoor humidity to rise. There are different possible reasons why moisture level inside your home is in excess.

  • Poor ventilation allows for humidity to be locked inside your home.
  • A leaky roof or a damp basement
  • When the clothes dryer is not vented outside
  • You put water-loving plants inside the house
  • You don’t turn on exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen

Check and improve proper ventilation and airflow. Exhaust fans play an important role to prevent too much humidity. Turning on your exhaust fans when cooking and leaving it 30 minutes more after you are done taking a shower will help prevent excess moisture. Also, make sure that the dryer is venting hot air outside. If possible, dry your clothes outside.

Keep drainage clear of blockages. Proper drainage is necessary to reduce humidity at home. Always check the gutter and downspouts if there are dirt and other debris that may cause blockage. If there are, clean the components immediately.

Put insulation on pipes. Poorly insulated pipes sweat in the cold weather, making them a good place for molds to thrive. Condensation gathers along the pipes and when it evaporates, the evaporated moisture remains inside the house, contributing to high humidity level.

Invest in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers help in speeding up the evaporation of water to dry out the air inside. There are different sizes and designs of dehumidifiers that are used in different ways. You may opt to have one installed directly into your heating and cooling system but you can also choose those portable types that you can bring wherever part of the house you want to stay.

Do not let moisture ruin your valued investments in your home. Call the professionals at Airview A/C now!