An infectious disease expert explains what COVID-19 variants mean for your family's health

Reports about new strains of the virus that causes COVID‑19 may have you worried or asking questions. What do these variants mean for the pandemic? Are they more dangerous? How can I keep my family healthy?

Unfortunately, the answers to many of these questions are still being uncovered.

"It's predictable that variants will emerge and continue to emerge. The discovery of the Omicron variant is yet the latest example of the evolution of the virus," says Jeffrey Kahn, M.D., Director of Infectious Disease at Children's Health℠ and Professor at UT Southwestern. "The big question is, how will variants, such as Omicron, change the arc of the pandemic? We don't quite know the answer to that question just yet."

However, there are still ways to keep your family healthy. Learn how and what we do know about COVID‑19 variants so far.

What are virus variants?

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