DARI Motion gives Tri-Force Fitness the ability to quickly identify the top three areas for improving anyone’s mobility.

Tri-Force Fitness is taking performance improvement to the next level with the purchase of their DARI Motion (DARI) system. This cutting-edge technology will allow Tri-Force to quickly assess anyone’s biomechanics and identify asymmetries, imbalances, kinetic deficiencies, and compensation patterns. Then, with data in hand, certified professional training staff can help clients improve their fitness and mobility.

“We are so excited to be able to offer DARI Motion to our Tri-Force Fitness Screening Lab,” said Co-Founder Chris Chartier. “We can now take what we’ve been doing for our members and extend it to the entire community. The DARI system includes 8 cameras that surround each individual allowing it to detect deficiencies and imbalances that the human eye cannot. After finishing a series of 19 movements, we get a comprehensive DARI Performance report showing how the subject did.”

Two reports are currently offered: A DARI Performance report highlights three areas for improvement, performance data including jump heights and squat depths, and an Overall Performance Score. The DARI 360 report focuses on areas for improvement, mobility and range of motion, and Overall Movement Score. These objective measurements give quantifiable results making it easy to track progress and changes to health and mobility.

About DARI Motion
DARI Motion is a markerless motion analytics software platform offered by Scientific Analytics, Inc. It is the world’s first and only technology that delivers validated 3D kinematic and kinetic motion analytics without sensors, markers, or force plates. The data is accurate, reproducible and is available at an unprecedented speed. DARI Motion delivers research-grade biomechanics at population scale.

Because of DARI Motion’s versatility, it can be utilized in a wide variety of industries. Other recent DARI Motion system installations include UC Health Steadman Hawkins Clinic – Denver, the University of Texas, Fast Twitch performance gym in Florida, Sports Science Institute in New York and the United States Air Force. Learn more by visiting ScientificAnalytics.com.

Tri-Force Fitness SLAM Training  Tri-Force Fitness is a training center located off Central and El Dorado offering individualized training in a group setting. Trainers use Structured Load And Movement (SLAM) Training to create programs that minimize injuries and continually increase your strength and endurance rather than cycling through plateaus. SLAM Training focuses primarily on balancing muscle groups and proper form, for better overall performance whether you are an athlete or not. DARI Motion, Evolution Nutrition, and InBody Analysis systems add comprehensive health, nutrition, and mobility screenings to their offerings and can be used in conjunction with training or separately for nonmembers. Tri-Force Fitness creates a completely personalized program for each individual to better reach and maintain their health goals. The McKinney location also functions as the new satellite location for Simply Fit Meals Allen/McKinney and surrounding areas. Learn more by visiting Tri-ForceFitness.com

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