Friends, today I am excited to share with you a new local company that I accidentally stumbled across on a cold, rainy day in December. When running a quick errand on the McKinney Square one morning, I passed a little pop-up shop in front of a store and honestly felt bad for the two women manning the booth on such a yucky day. Undeterred by the weather, however, they happily invited me to sample some of their products, which I soon learned were the most delicious gourmet nut butters I had ever tasted. And y’all, nut butters are not typically something that tickles my fancy, but these from The Simple Sprout absolutely did. Friends, they are AMAZING!

I took home a jar of the favorite I had sampled which was Coco-Chia-Cashew. My family and I snacked on it over the next few weeks, and I decided to reach out to them, wanting to learn more. The Simple Sprout business partners (Laura Thornthwaite and Alison Worthen) met with me earlier this month, excited to share their journey to adopt a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle and how it led them to create these tasty, organic when possible, minimally processed condiments.

The friends and business partners met 2 and a half years ago at a Pilates/Yoga fusion class, and soon learned they had more in common than just yoga. Both moms, both interested in whole food plant-based eating, and both passionate about sharing the lifestyle prompted them to start The Simple Sprout, an online coaching platform for those also interested in plant-based eating. While launching The Simple Sprout and working with local clients, Laura and Alison were also testing recipes by combining unique, unexpected ingredients to make wholesome nut butters with minimal ingredients and no added sugars, something very difficult to find in stores. The results were so incredible, more than one person commented, “You should sell these somewhere!”

They tested the theory when a friend offered to host a “home party” for a group of her friends. “Seeing the reactions of people tasting our butters was a wonderful experience in itself,” Alison told me of the party’s success, and in the summer of 2018, The Simple Sprout launched 9 products consisting of 4 nut butters and 5 fruit butters, and soon will be adding syrups to the mix.

The Nut Butters include...