Drownings are the 2nd leading cause of death, nationwide, for children 14 years old and younger. The rate for drowning in open water at age 15 triples. Teens are often unaware of risky behavior and often have no fear.

Know the water conditions.

  • Open water safety plans should always include an adult Water Watcher around the water.
  • Water conditions in lakes and oceans can vary on a daily basis. From clear to murky and calm to rough waters, it’s important to know the condition of the water before getting in.

Have a safety plan in place.

  • If an emergency does happen, remember, seconds count. Call 911 immediately and then begin CPR while EMS is in route.
  • Whether it’s your boat and/or lake house or a friends, make sure there is a safety plan in place before your child gets anywhere near the water. We recommend a “toe in/vest on” policy, in or out of the boat. If a toe is in the water, a life jacket goes on.


Mike and Jane Garner, took their eyes of their son, Jaylen, for less than a minute, yet he fatally drowned in a hot tub. Click here to learn about other tragic stories like Jaylen’s,

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