Local Health Coach leads McKinney to optimum health

Friends, we are eleven days into 2019 and I’m sure there are more than a few of you who have made it your goal to get healthy this year. Today I want to encourage you not to do this journey on your own. Local Health Coach Kathy Todryk is here to help.

Last fall I introduced you to KATHY and her work as a HEALTH COACH with Optavia. It all began when Kathy’s husband, Mike, struggled to lose weight, leading to low self-esteem and overall poor health. They were both puzzled; Mike was exercising more and eating less, but still couldn’t shed the weight. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Have you struggled with acid reflux, bouts of hypoglycemia, and difficulty sleeping? Do you feel dumpy and frustrated? Kathy watched Mike deal with all of those things. But more importantly, she saw tremendous changes for the better when Mike adopted the Optavia plan.

Optavia is not a diet, but a program designed to create optimal health through habit change. Increased energy levels, decreased cholesterol levels and, yes, weight-loss can all be side effects of adopting the Optavia lifestyle.

After a 30-minute health assessment, Kathy can determine the type of plan best for you. Friends, there is a plan for EVERYONE! Diabetics, nursing moms, seniors, teenagers, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more! As your personal Health Coach, Kathy will provide you with vital information that will assist you on your journey – including research, tips, and favorite meals. The care and attention to every health concern and need sets Optavia apart from other companies of similar nature.

The Optavia lifestyle consists of 4 components...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE