Heat stroke in children can occur without proper hydration or rest. Learn how to recognize heat exhaustion and heat stroke symptoms to keep your child safe.

During the hot summer months, it's important to know how to keep kids safe. Spending time outside is okay, as long as your child is protected by sunscreen with adequate SPF, but proper hydration, clothing and rest periods are key to avoiding heat illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Cases of heat stroke spike at the end of June into July each year and continue through August. Troy Smurawa, M.D., Director of Pediatric Sports Medicine at the Children's Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, explains that heat exhaustion and heat stroke in children can be extremely serious.

"It's very important for parents, kids and athletes to be mindful of the heat," says Dr. Smurawa. "Oftentimes they don't recognize the effects of the heat and this can get them into trouble with heat illness."

Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and how to keep your child safe this summer.