What Can I do to avoid a Green Pool this season?

There could be several reasons you have a green swimming pool, and action is necessary to prevent a variety of complications including permanent staining. The experienced pool cleaners at Pool Scouts of McKinney Northeast and DFW provide homeowners throughout Northern Collin County, TX with comprehensive pool cleaning services. They explain the causes and solutions for green pool water to keep your swimming space clear and sparkling.

Green Swimming Pool Causes and Remedies


Excessive pollen from trees and plants can eventually cause a buildup in the bottom of your swimming pool that turns the water green. Pollen is mainly an aesthetic issue since it is not harmful to swim in and will not stain your pool liner. Your pool should be vacuumed regularly.  Adding a fine mesh such as cheesecloth to your skimmer can remove particles before they get the chance to sink. Your filtration system should also be cleaned regularly when pollen count is high (we suggested at least once every six months). Chemicals can be added to the water to bind small pollen particles for easier removal.


The pH balance of your pool should prevent bacteria from thriving and causing discoloration issues. If the pH is too high, it cannot kill bacteria, resulting in water discoloration and mineral scale buildup. Conversely, if the pH is too low and the water is too acidic, it can also corrode metal and damage plastic. Most of our customer choose weekly service to clean and test their pool’s pH balance regularly and add chemicals as necessary. Your pool may need to be shocked to remove oxidized metals. The water should be between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale.  Our scouts are specially trained and equipped with everything needed to keep your pool well balanced.


In addition to bacteria production, improper chemical balances can cause algae blooms that result in green water. Too little chlorine provides an ideal environment for algae to flourish and creates an unsafe swimming space because it makes floors, stairs, ladders, and walls slippery. It can also coat the skin, resulting in a slimy feeling. An abundance of algae also makes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure you have enough water in your pool, especially in extreme temperatures so the water is properly filtered.

Trust the team at Pool Scouts of McKinney and Northwest DFW to keep your swimming pool clear and beautiful. In addition to thorough cleanings, their friendly pool cleaners guarantee 100% satisfaction and perform minor repairs and equipment installations and replacements. Call (469) 352-9191 to schedule an appointment or visit the team online for more service information.