What parents should know about keeping kids safe from online bullying

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place on computers, cell phones or other digital devices. It typically involves repeated, negative comments or posts by someone intentionally trying to do harm.

As children and teens spend more time online, it's easier than ever for them to experience cyberbullying – and the effects can be serious. The mental toll of enduring unkind comments, cruel memes or untrue rumors can add up, leaving victims of cyberbullying feeling depressed and isolated.

"Cyberbullying is not something kids get through overnight," says Alice Ann Holland, Ph.D., ABPP, Research Director of the Neuropsychology Service at Children's Health℠ and Associate Professor at UT Southwestern. "Children and teens can get so wrapped up in their social worlds that it can be hard for them to distance themselves and ask for help."

Dr. Holland explains how parents can spot the signs of cyberbullying and steps they can take to help prevent it.

Keeping kids safe from online bullying.