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Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Liz James. Liz is a Holistic Pharmacist—yes, you heard me correctly, a Holistic Pharmacist. What does this mean? It means she works as a pharmacist while also advocating the use of natural remedies to promote health. Liz is also a Certified Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Dolphin MPS therapist, and owns and operates a small, private dairy farm with her husband. Liz’s story is a fascinating one; one that required intelligence, bravery, and faith, and I am so excited to share it with you.

Liz has worked as a pharmacist for the past 28 years, and until her diagnosis of Osteopenia in 2000a condition causing low bone density and is often a precursor to Osteoporosis, Liz had never had to personally face the potentially dangerous side-effects caused by the drugs she would need to take to counteract her condition. “Every medication has a side effect,” Liz told me. “And nearly every medication depletes at least one vitamin, mineral, micronutrient and/or enzyme. This sets the body up for a secondary dysfunction that often gets misdiagnosed as a disease or dysfunction instead of a deficiency.”

She began exploring additional avenues to healing and uncovered a whole world of homeopathic options, beginning with the benefits tied to consuming raw milk, something rich in vitamins and nutrients that bones require. Friends, her knowledge surrounding the milk industry is vast and intriguing, and probably deserves its own post. Today, however, I will suggest if you are the least bit curious about raw milk and the health benefits she has found, reach out to Liz by emailing:

Some years after her Osteopenia diagnosis, Liz was invited by a friend to learn about Young Living Essential Oils. She left the gathering without “signing up” but began researching, first by reading the medical text book entitled Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand. The book confirmed there is much science behind essential oils, although not all essential oils or essential oil companies are of therapeutic quality. She discovered that unlike antibiotics—which are all extensions of previously created ones—the DNA of a plant changes with each generation making it impossible for bacteria to “crack the code.” Bacteria doesn’t become resistant to essential oils like it does to antibiotics. “There is absolutely a time and a place for big pharma,” Liz assured me. “the rest of the time, I advocate turning to natural remedies with almost no side-effects.” SOURCE | SOURCE | SOURCE It is of course essential for each individual to assess the risk vs benefit of any health avenue they chose to take, based on the research they have completed.