Learn symptoms to watch for in kids and when to get tested for COVID-19

As COVID‑19 continues to spread, it's important to take precautions to reduce the risk of infection. The best way to keep your family safe is by taking preventive measures such as getting the COVID‑19 vaccine if eligible, wearing a mask (if over age 2) and regularly washing hands.

As variants continue to emerge, COVID-19 infections will affect the community. As kids attend school, see friends and participate in extracurricular activities, one of the most common questions parents are asking is: What should I do if my child is exposed to COVID-19? 

It's helpful to have a plan for what to do if your child is exposed to COVID‑19 or if they start showing symptoms. Being prepared can help you stay calm and know the best steps to take to avoid potential further spread of the virus. 

Here are details parents should know about COVID‑19 exposure in children.