MCKINNEY, TX — Craig Ranch Fitness + Spa’s Pilates studio is now offering students a three-month path to “a whole new body” with CORE30 Pilates, a beginner’s program based on the philosophy of the practice’s creator.  

 While developing Pilates, physical trainer and fitness pioneer Joseph Pilates coined a phrase that, like his practice, has persisted for decades: "In 10 (Pilates) sessions, you'll feel the difference; in 20 sessions, you'll see the difference; and in 30 sessions, you'll have a whole new body.” 

 “He believed that with the consistent practice of his method, concentration, and the participants' hard work both in and outside the studio, a new body would develop...” said Craig Ranch Fitness + Spa Pilates Coordinator Emily Lynch. “(He) truly believed that his exercise method encompassed health and that with mindful movement, we would find the solution we were looking for.” 

 CORE30 Pilates pairs those ideas of consistent practice and pursuit of results, taking those new to Pilates through their first 30 sessions — 10 a month for three months — at a reduced rate for both members and non-members of Craig Ranch Fitness. With routine practice and frequent alignment assessments throughout the program, participants will be able to both see and feel how Pilates is changing their bodies for the better.  

 The alignment assessment is a unique aspect of the program, walking students through a short questionnaire, progress photo shoot, and series of practice positions and exercises before their first session. At the end of the program, instructors use the information to show participants how far they’ve come.  

 While results will vary from person to person, the majority of Pilates students will experience increased coordination of the mind and body, improved muscular endurance, increased strength and core stability, and greater flexibility and range of motion in the joints, Lynch said.  

 After 20 sessions, participants often begin to see those changes take shape, such as toned muscle groups and weight and postural changes. After 30 sessions, students begin to correct bad postural or alignment habits on their own, feeling “taller, more flexible, stronger, and better in areas that previously caused them discomfort or pain,” Lynch said.  

 “These changes are pivotal! They allow you to prevent injuries, continue to live life more fully, and do more with your family and friends. Through Pilates, we are building on the sense of feeling better and seeing these small but mighty physical changes,” Lynch said. “Your new body is not just how it looks and how it feels — it’s how it feels to live in.” 

 Members and non-members can join the ongoing CORE30 Pilates program at any time at $20/session for members and $30/session for non-members. To register or learn more, email Pilates Coordinator Emily Lynch at