Common Ski Injuries & How to Avoid Them

Winter is in full swing, and with all the winter storms that have come through, a skiing or snowboarding trip may be in order for you and your family. This can be a great adventure and a beautiful bonding experience. However, like with any other sport or physical activity, there is a risk of injury. You need to prepare yourself and your loved ones to prevent ski injuries and know what to do if you do happen to sustain an injury while skiing or snowboarding.

Who is Most at Risk of Ski Injuries?

The knee is the most common area of injury when it comes to skiing and snowboarding accidents. The most common of those include both MCL and ACL tears. MCL injuries are particularly common for beginning skiers as they learn the proper techniques and positions and may stiffen or strain their bodies in ways a person who has been skiing or snowboarding for many years.

ACL tears are the most common in skiing because of the boot worn and the turning. Being thrown off balance may be easy for those who are experienced and are challenging themselves on speed and terrain. These athletes are very susceptible to injuries as well.

Snowboarders often have more severe injuries, especially when a fall occurs, due to trying to catch themselves in some way.

Prevention Before and During Activity

  • Get strong-Spend as much time you can before hitting the slopes doing balance and strength exercises, especially for your legs. The stronger you are, the less likely you are to sustain an injury.
  • Pay attention to your limits-No matter what challenge you want to take to prove yourself, there are limits. if you are tired, in pain, or not skilled enough for a certain slope, do not do it.
  • Know snow conditions-Soft, powdery snow means you can easily get stuck, and hard, older snow can cause more fractures.

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