Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa is Innovating Community Experience

MCKINNEY, Texas - Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa (CRFS) is innovating member experience and leading the future of wellbeing integrated fitness clubs. The revered health club has shifted their organizational focus to celebrating a strong heritage of an active, multi-dimensional and interconnected community. The post COVID-19 reopening of the 80,000 square foot clubhouse will meet each community member’s “evolving” active lifestyle needs right at the entryway of an enhanced well-being journey. Over the course of the next few months, CRFS will be launching new programs and services that align with their well-being philosophy and commitment.

“Hindsight is definitely 20/20,” stated Jason Gann, the club’s General Manager. “We have learned from our members, past members and staff on what we do best and where there is room for improvement. We have known that we offer a unique experience, but we are investing and expanding upon that through a commitment and accountability of giving our members multi-faceted, hospitality-inspired programs under one roof.”

All paths of a connected community lead to Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa. This hidden gem of a gym is set apart. It is nestled in a natural vista where seclusion offers a true retreat and destination from life factors that typically distract or deter from remaining active and fit. It is truly a clubhouse that is focused on long-term sustainability of well-being and helping members to personalize that journey.

“Life is no longer the same, nor any individual is the same as a result of the times,” Krista Medlock, Director of Marketing at CRFS said. “Well-being is the most significant value we can bring to our members at this time. We know that finding purpose for being fit requires looking more broadly at one’s own ambitions, goals, loved ones, social groups, hobbies and desired way of life. That is why we appeal to customers who are not just health or fitness enthusiasts but life enthusiasts. So, if I may reframe our offering, I would say that we do not just sell gym memberships, we are building a community of families and coinvesting in the fit and lifestyle needs that matter most to each member and the broader community at large.”

The City of McKinney is embracing the next generation of Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa and a strong commitment to well-being. This innovation in mindset and operational focus is timely for the City of McKinney. CRFS’s new tagline sums it up best: We Fit Well.