What to do – and not do – to make sure your baby is safely fed

Formula is a vital part of nutrition for many babies, and naturally, parents are concerned about the nationwide shortage.


Rinarani Sanghavi, M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Children’s Health and Associate Professor at UT Southwestern, explains that there is a lot of conflicting health information being shared about what to do – and that it’s important for parents to ask their pediatrician for the best advice.

"The formula shortage is real, but thankfully there are steps being taken to resolve this soon," says Dr. Sanghavi. "In the meantime, I encourage parents to look at smaller stores for available formula. Do not use recipes from the internet because they can be dangerous to your baby. Remember, your pediatrician is there for you, and you should check with them If you are unable to get formula or if your child is on a special formula."

Dr. Sanghavi provides answers to common questions about how to keep babies safely fed.

Baby formula FAQs