To stay healthy by exercising regularly, some people enjoy going to the gym or going on long runs, but others find those tasks challenging. However, swimming offers a workout that’s as fun as it is effective. If you’re looking to stay in shape and improve your overall health, here are some of the top ways swimming pools can help.

How Swimming Improves Your Health

1. Provides a Full Body Workout

Swimming requires you to move nearly every part of your body. You need your arms, legs, core, and even head and neck to work in conjunction with one another. There are also plenty of different strokes that focus on different muscle movements. By using a swimming pool regularly, you’ll work out much of your body, improving muscle function and burning excess fat.

2. Improves Respiratory Function

swimming poolsProper breathing is essential for swimmers, since you often need to hold your breath for long periods while performing certain strokes. This can help strengthen your lung capacity and improve your breathing overall, allowing more oxygen to get to your brain and muscles. 

3. Offers a Safer Option for People With Health Concerns

Swimming does not put as much strain on your joints or muscles as other workouts such as running, jumping, or lifting weights. It’s a safer alternative for people with arthritis, injuries, or even some serious illnesses like multiple sclerosis. You shouldn’t have to be in perfect health just to get a decent amount of exercise each week, and using a swimming pool allows many people to move their bodies in a safe environment with a lowered risk of injury.

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