Food Allergy Management for Families at TexasAllergyMD

 “ You mean I can eat that???”

Did you know that 40% of allergic individuals in fact do not have a food allergy despite significant avoidance to those foods?

In fact, nothing gives us  more joy at TexasAllergyMD than when we can confidently tell our kiddo and patients: 

”You are not allergic to that food. 

You actually can eat that. 

In fact, you can eat it right now in our clinic. We will observe you for 2 hours, to ensure you do not have a delayed reaction.”

This is the most gratifying and satisfying part of our job as a  Food allergist Clinic. 

However, this particular moment is often filled with so many mixed emotions for our families. 

The kiddos are typically thinking about that delicious ice-cream sundae that they are planning to have as soon as they leave our clinic, since they just discovered they are no longer allergic to milk.

But parents may sometimes might look at us in disbelief.  

We get that. 

Most of them wonder if their child really outgrew this allergy or was their child misdiagnosed with a food allergy from the beginning.

The truth is it can be either of these scenarios.

Some families have children that have outgrown their allergies.  

Others may have been misdiagnosed. 

Sometimes, they engaged in a test that was inappropriate to really detect food allergies accurately and in fact unfortunately have been misinformed. They have been avoiding this certain food unnecessarily. 

These moments can be frustrating, but we want you to know that whatever YOUR situation may be  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We are here to fight misinformation in regards to allergic conditions, so allergic families are armed with the right information.


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