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Sat, February 20

|9:00pm - 10:00pm
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The Comedy Arena
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The Comedy Arena
305 E. Virginia St., Ste #104
McKinney, TX 75069


A chameleon who knows how to stick out. The young stand up comedian, Ralph Barbosa was born and raised in Dallas Texas. Ralph Barbosa grew up in between the suburbs and the hood part of town, never truly fitting in with either part. Learning to make people laugh was the only way he knew to interact with both sides of his neighborhood. With his playful spirit he can blend in and relate with people of any walk of life. He was raised by his Mexican grandmother and his television, and spent most of his childhood getting into mischief with his close friends. His personality is still as playfully as a 12 year old, but seasoned with experiences.

Ralph Barbosa’s father, had one foot in his life and the other in the underworld of crime, and his mother was in and out of his life as a child. That didn’t hold back Barbosa from being the goofy one amongst his crew of neighborhood misfits. Never a serious moment to be had when you’re around the joke mister Mr. Ralph Barbosa AKA Sweet Baby Ralph.

In 2019, at 23 years old, Ralph Barbosa won Funniest Comic in Texas, a trophy he says took 23 years of preparation.

The world can be very black and white at times, but it’s our perspectives that add so much color. Barbosa is an expert at bringing you into his colorful and hilarious world. Ralph is a comedian through and through, with the only purpose of making people laugh and go home with a smile.


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The Comedy Arena
305 E. Virginia St., Ste #104
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