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Thu, February 21

|6:30pm - 9:00pm Free
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Carpe Diem Comics
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Carpe Diem Comics
101 N. McDonald St, Ste 110
McKinney, TX 75069


What we're about

A not-for-profit group to create and develop a McKinney area Makerspace.

* Build a "core team" to plan and build a Maker/Hacker space in the McKinney/Stonebridge general area.
* Potential to "affiliate" with another existing group in the surrounding/DFW area, but have local "shop"? (ie. Grow the Makerspace community, not fragment it)

Ideal individuals would have/be:
* Both common expertise in some areas to collaborate on some projects, and diverse expertise to help others learn & expand in others.
* Driven to experiment/challenge the limitations of whatever it is we are working on.
* Have built something unique
* Have the propensity to "over engineer" things
* Have professional experience in at least one of the key areas of interest
* Diverse Interests
* Self Motivated
* Lots of ideas on...

Notable Interests are, but not limited to:
* Home Automation Projects - building hardware/sensors/controllers to software integration & development

* openHAB Automation Users Group

* Home Automation General Users Group

* Internet of Things (IoT)
* Home Improvements: Efficiency, power/cooling/heating/solar/water/lighting/security, etc.
* Micro controller/processor projects: Arduino, RaspberryPi, ESP8266, etc,
* CNC, Mach3/GRBL: various purposes; fabrication enclosures for projects to "artwork", Plastics, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, wood, etc
* 3D Printing
* Woodworking/Shop:
* Electronics: broad topic
* PCB Fabrication
* Networking / Cloud / Home IT Systems Architecture
* Photography

* Brew Club - Making Great Beer

* Cosplay Makers

* Other latest & greatest tech/tools/toys

Benefits, ideas, and considerations...
* Share expensive and resources occasionally used: ex. tools/test equip/printers, etc
* Help others start/finish that project. (ex. I have projects that are missing that once piece of confirmation/validation/case/code, etc. and that it is "done" and to stop making changes 😃 )
* Professional Networking
* Group/volume discounts on purchasing common items
* May develop the next big "thing" 😃
* Somethings/projects always seems to go further as a team

Looking forward to exploring the possibilities!


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Carpe Diem Comics
101 N. McDonald St, Ste 110
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