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Wed, July 15

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In recognition of their service to the nation, the United States provides financial help to wartime veterans who need long term care. While the Veteran's Administration offers numerous benefit programs to veterans, there is one little-known program that can greatly improve the lives of elderly veterans and their surviving spouses in need of medical assistance and care that DO NOT require the Veteran to have a service-related disability. The Pension Program benefits can be used by veterans and/or their surviving spouses to help finance the costs incurred for in-home medical care, assisted living facility costs, and nursing home costs. Veterans Pension Planning can provide monthly cash benefits to wartime veterans or their surviving spouses who meet financial and medical criteria. Join Attorney Jeff Crouch and his assistant Rhonda Downing as they take you through these criteria and navigate, these oftern-confusing waters, to learn about this important benefit and see how YOU or your loved one can qualify.