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Sat, September 21

|12:00pm - 6:00pm
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Carpe Diem Comics
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Carpe Diem Comics
101 N. McDonald St, Ste 110
McKinney, TX 75069


Even Super Heroes and Super Villains occasionally need to go shopping. What happens when they all take the same day off and wind up in the same place while running their errands?

Let's Find Out!

On September 21st, Join Carpe Diem Comics for "Superheroes on the Square."

We'd love to flood Downtown McKinney with folks dressed as Heroes (and Villains) doing random, Everyday Hero tasks. Carry a heavy bag for someone. Help people cross the street. Play "Tour Guide" and help people find the Shops and Parking they are looking for.

All this "Do-Gooder" stuff comes naturally to heroes, but what about you villains out there? Look, the truth is, someday you are going to triumph over those annoying positive role models and then you're going to have to rule over the masses. That's honestly easier to do if they see you as one of them. So come out and work on your PR and let everyone know you're not bad, you're just misunderstood! Maybe recruit a few minions to your cause.

This is a Rain or Shine event so have a plan for less-than-optimal weather.

Play with each other, but please be respectful of the businesses down here and don't interfere with their ability to conduct commerce. And if you find that thing you just couldn't live without, feel free to tell everyone you see about it, and where you got it!

You can bring any cosplay you want. Just please keep in mind the following:
1. More Obvious is Better. A "Constantine" cosplay is nice, but not terribly different from the every day.

2. Keep it Family Friendly, please 🙂

ADDED 06-19-2019: NO weapons, please. We're trying to keep this as community friendly as possible, and people have a lot of reasons to be nervous about weaponry in today's world. If people wouldn't recognize your character without weapons, then bring a different character. Thank you.


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Carpe Diem Comics
101 N. McDonald St, Ste 110
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