Ziglar, Inc., graduated its class of 11 Ziglar Certified Trainers.  We are proud to announce that Sheila Steinmark has joined the Ziglar Team.

After some fifty years of traveling the globe, sharing his messages of hope and inspiration, Zig Ziglar has a following of millions from around the world.  Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers have been personally impacted by Zig Ziglar and his teachings, and seek to carry on his legacy by teaching and training his life-changing materials.

Sheila Steinmark is the Managing Partner of Marketing Operations Group, LLC (MOG) and a retired-Army veteran. Sheila possesses a unique skill set in operations, logistics, leadership, and problem-solving, showcasing these skills as a published author, speaker, and marketing expert.  To take advantage of the expertise of Sheila Steinmark, contact her at Marketing Operations Group, LLC, 972-402-6810 or http://marketingopsgroup.com

Ziglar, Inc. is a premier training company established by the late Zig Ziglar, author and motivational/inspirational speaker for over 50 years.  We are committed to continuing the legacy left by our founder and extremely excited about promoting his life's work through these outstanding Zig Ziglar aficionados.