Your Child Becomes a Legal Adult at 18

Did you know that when your child turns 18, they become legal adults in Texas? What does that mean to you as a parent?

You no longer have the right manage their money; bills that are in their name;
3.transfer funds to and from their account;
4.consent to medical treatment, or make medical decisions for them;
5.obtain their medical information;
6.obtain educational information about them;
7.accept money on their behalf;
 You will no longer have access to their medical records, financial records, etc. UNLESS they have signed documentation granting this access to you.

There is a simple plan to avoid any of these issues becoming a terrible problem for you. It is called a College Student Protection Plan and it offers all the protection for the young adult and their parents to avoid any problems should the unforseen happen. 

Included in a College Student Protection Plan are: 1. Statuatory Durable Power of Attorney listing the parents as their agent 2. Medical Power of Attorney listing the parents as their agent 3. HIPAA granting the parents access to their Medical records and to speak with Doctors 4. Declaration of Guardian in case of Future Incapacity, 5. Advanced Medical Directive to verify their last wishes 6. Anatomical Gift Form 7. Designation of Representative for Disposition of Remains 8. Last Will & Testament.

The risk is real. Accidents are the leading cause of death for young adults, and a quarter-million Americans between 18 and 25 are hospitalized with nonlethal injuries each year. 

The College Student Protection Plan offers you peace of mind, no matter how far away your student may be.

Fred Haiman, founding partner of Haiman Hogue, PLLC   

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