McKinney, TX - Eddins Elementary Principal Sharon Havard flipped a switch on the wall, and the security gate leading to the the school’s academic halls began to slowly rise toward its roost in the ceiling high overhead. 

Students scattered excitedly into the corridors toward their classrooms, with parents in tow, to meet new teachers and new classmates and to reconnect with old friends. Some stopped at lockers first to stash backpacks and other supplies as parents looked on, waiting for an opening to step in for one more hug.

The 2021–2022 school year was underway. 

Across MISD, they arrived on bikes, on foot, in cars and on buses on the morning of August 12, filled with the excitement and wonder of the first day of school. The middle and high schoolers were, of course, old hands at all of this by now and not as wide-eyed as the younger students. But even so, there was something particular, something monumental about this first day when all MISD students would be together again in person.

It started where the school year always really starts, in that moment when a student passes through the front doors and crosses the threshold into a whole new tale. What lies ahead is yet to be written, but the story has begun — and we can’t wait to find out what happens next.

“The first day of school is one of my favorite days of the year,” said MISD Superintendent Dr. Rick McDaniel. “I love the excitement and anticipation among our students as they make their way to new classes and form new connections with teachers and new classmates who may end up becoming lifelong friends. There are so many possibilities that lie ahead on that first day, so much learning and so many new experiences that will help forge who our students are and prepare them for life beyond McKinney ISD. It’s a great day, and I know I speak for all of our teachers and staff when I say that we are extremely happy to get the 2021–2022 school year underway. And, I wish the very best for all of our students and parents this year.”