Sylvan Learning, the nation’s leading provider of supplemental education programs for students of all ages and grade levels, celebrates the one year anniversary of its digital instructional system called SylvanSync™. Over a half-million lessons have been delivered by teachers using SylvanSync to date.

October marks the one-year anniversary of SylvanSync’s launch, enabling Sylvan to blend state-of-the-art instructional technology with its proven proprietary approach to supplemental learning. At Sylvan, students are taught according to individualized learning plans that are developed based on the outcomes of a personal evaluation, including an adaptive assessment that determines exactly which academic skills need the most attention. Through SylvanSync, Sylvan’s certified instructors teach each Sylvan lesson on an iPad, creating a more robust, engaging and personalized educational experience for students and families. mySylvan™, a new online portal for students and parents, extends the Sylvan experience beyond the Sylvan Center, into the home and onto mobile devices.

While the adoption of SylvanSync is voluntary for Sylvan’s franchisees, the Company is thrilled that within six months of releasing the new platform, more than seventy five percent of the Sylvan system has signed on. “This transformation into a modern, digitally-enabled Sylvan provides a richer experience for our students and immediate growth opportunities for our franchisees,” said Barbara Timm-Brock, chief growth officer for Sylvan. “With the launch of SylvanSync, including the mySylvan web portal for students and parents, we not only strengthen the already fantastic reputation Sylvan has as a consumer brand, but we will be able to reach and serve more students and families than ever before.”

Through SylvanSync, Sylvan’s programs can be delivered anywhere in a franchisee’s territory. In other words, franchisees are no longer limited to providing services at their Sylvan Center. As a result, many franchisees are establishing “Sylvan Satellites,” locations that expand their territory reach while also providing more convenient locations to families. “We know that moms and their children are incredibly busy and convenience is critical. By enabling Sylvan franchisees to put more Sylvan locations in their communities, we can be there for many more families that need our services,” said Timm-Brock. “With the SylvanSync system, Sylvan franchisees can operate a main center and open Sylvan Satellites throughout their territories, creating the potential for significant growth with very little incremental investment. SylvanSync is a powerful new tool for franchisees.”

With more than 800 Sylvan Learning Centers today, the company is growing its franchise base in both new and existing markets. The introduction of hundreds of Sylvan Satellites during the next few years will enable Sylvan to expand its market leadership position in supplemental education and tutoring, both in the United States and internationally.

“We are providing our franchisees with the opportunity to have a tremendously positive impact within their communities while being part of a contemporary brand that families have trusted for over 30 years,” said Timm-Brock. “It’s a very exciting time in our history, and we invite business-minded people who have a passion for education to consider all that Sylvan has to offer.”


About Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of in-center and live, online tutoring at home to students of all ages, grades and skill levels. With over 30 years of experience and more than 800 centers located throughout North America and overseas, Sylvan's proven process and personalized methods have inspired more than 2 million students to discover the joy of learning and achieve academic success. Sylvan's trained and Sylvan-certified teachers provide individual instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills and test-prep for college entrance and state exams. Visit