On Saturday, Feb. 9, the students of the Anna High School Band competed at the UIL Solo Ensemble Competition in Celina. All of the students competed on solos and most of the students competed in ensembles (trios, quartets, etc.)

Forty-two AHS Band students earned a First Division Rating (the best rating) on their performance. Thirteen of those soloists were allowed to advance to the State Solo Competition. Also, eleven ensembles performed; nine of those ensembles earned first divisions and were allowed to advance to State.

To advance to State on a solo, a student must earn a first division on a Class 1 Solo (the most challenging difficulty) and perform that solo memorized. Anna students who advance to state: Zoe Borin (flute), Sydney Rowell (clarinet), Khrystian Rice (clarinet), Ben Turner (alto sax), Mattie McGowan (horn), Karla Glover (horn), Dustin Encizo (trombone), Tyler Divers (trombone), Matt Seago (bass trombone), Kyle Simpson (tuba), Chance Forrest (percussion) Kristina Lob (percussion) and Dillon VandenHoek (percussion).

Anna students who earned a First Division on a Class 1 Solo: Heidi Sanders, Clay Lewis, Griselda Benitez, Libby Green, Ben Vang, Ryan Hull, Jake Gililland, Ashlynn Love, Brenda DeSantiago, Hayden Self, Bryan Self, Elizabeth Smith, Mercedes Vasquez, Dakota Hargett, Sommer Halbrook, Will Labor, Jordan Rutherford, Sierra Garcia, Anna Ramirez and Dannie Garcia.

Other Anna students who earned a First Division on a Solo: Blake Henson, Danielle Taylor, Hope Nelson, Emily Esch, Gaby Benitez, Nicholas Bert, Colin Ross, Brandon Dossett and Kelly Parry.

Three brass quintets advanced to State with the following members: Hayden Self, Parker Hudman, Karla Glover, Kyle Simpson, Joe Coleman, Jason Duncan, Molley Lisner, Mattie McGowan, Tyler Divers, Alex Ames, Ceci Taylor, Jacob Woodard, Blake Henson, Porfirio Rubio and Dylan Morgan.

The trombone trio of Dustin Encizo, Ryan Hull and Matt Seago also advanced to State.

Two woodwind ensembles advanced to State consisting of the following members: Zoe Borin, Heidi Sanders, Dakota Hargett, Jordan Rutherford, Libby Green, Griselda Benitez, Francis Naranjo and Dannie Garcia.

A clarinet quartet of Sydney Rowell, Khrystian Rice, Elizabeth Smith and Sommer Halbrook also advanced to State.

Finally, the percussion ensemble also advanced to State: Jake Gililland, Mikaela Gililland, Moses Maina, Will Labor, Chance Forrest, Anthony Alvarado, Dillon VandenHoek and Kristina Lob.