The McKinney Education Foundation Grant Committee surprised 36 teachers on Friday, Dec. 12 by distributing more than $70,000 for McKinney ISD classrooms.

The grant delivery teams walked into classrooms with big checks for the teacher's project. Their students walked away with MEF "money" showing their teacher won big bucks from MEF.

MEF Executive Director, Edie Heinicke, said  "grant distribution is one of MEF's favorite days of the year. Our MISD teachers are incredible and we wish we could fund all of their ideas."

Each year teachers have the opportunity to complete the MEF grant application to bring an innovative program to their campus.

MISD Instructional Specialist Lisa Paine said, "Grants I have received provide 21st Century learning opportunities for elementary students in science and engineering." Paine is thankful to MEF for investing in preparing students for the future.

Minshew Elementary teacher, Tena Worthy, won her sixth MEF Grant on Friday. Worthy said, "By having these new tools available, it is my hope that more students with special needs will be able to learn social skills and apply them to everyday interactions that will enhance their overall quality of life as they get older."

Since MEF was founded in 1991, $770,695 in grants have directly impacted MISD classrooms and teachers.

MEF Grants are funded by community donations and payroll deduction contributions from MISD teachers. If you or your organization are interested in supporting the MEF Grants Program, contact Edie Heinicke, 469-302-6314.

The following McKinney ISD teachers won a Campus Classroom Grant from MEF:

Kaitlin Allen, McKinney High School

Bonnie Banks, McKinney High School

Laura Bates, Johnson Elementary

Holly Bianchetta, McGowen Elementary

Teresa Bilyeu, Cockrill Middle School

Cindi Bolton, Walker Elementary

Roshasta Brandon, Webb Elementary

Tracy Bulot, Caldwell Elementary

Melanie Burford, McGowen Elementary



Michelle Caballero, Johnson Elementary

Pete Dobbins, Caldwell Elementary

Nancy Evans, Vega Elementary

Julia Forsyth, McNeil Elementary

Shawn Franke, Eddins Elementary

Christy Hames Ferguson, Webb Elementary

David Hodum, McKinney Boyd High School

Amy Holderman, Bennett Elementary

Crystal Hume, McNeil Elementary

Chris James, McKinney North High School

Miguelina Krier, Slaughter Elementary

Sandra Lovell, Press Elementary

Vicki Mason, Dowell Middle School

Lana McFarland, McKinney North High School

Sarah Mullen, Lawson Early Childhood Center

Janet Nelson, Wolford Elementary

Lisa Paine, Glen Oaks Elementary

Peggy Perret, Eddins Elementary

Jessie Rohlmeier, Press Elementary

Rebecca Sanchez, DAEP/CRC/JJAEP

Shelly Spaulding, Cockrill Middle School

Angie Stallbaumer, MISD Alpha Program

Cathy Vance, Press Elementary

Kelly Warrington, Press Elementary

Jennifer Webster, Vega Elementary

Jessica Wilson, Cockrill Middle School

Tena Worthy, Minshew Elementary


About the McKinney Education Foundation

The McKinney Education Foundation (MEF) is a non-profit education foundation that serves four core functions: scholarships, college applications, teaching enrichment and alumni relations. It was founded in 1991 to centralize, simplify and enhance the process of raising money for and awarding scholarships to deserving graduates of the McKinney Independent School District (MISD). MEF employs professional college advisors in each high school who assist students in preparing for higher education admissions and identifying additional individual education funding. MEF also offers Classroom and Professional Development grants for MISD staff. Contribute to the Mission: “To provide the highest quality of education in McKinney, Texas, our mission is to inspire students and teachers towards excellence in education. We envision a future where a passion for learning unleashes the full potential of our community.” For more information, visit