In 1992, five families in McKinney envisioned creating a school that would teach their children to live biblically and provide an education far beyond basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

Their dream led to the founding of McKinney Christian Academy, which today is an independent, interdenominational, private school for children in prekindergarten through 12th grade. During the 2011-2012 school year, more than 500 students attended MCA.

McKinney Christian Academy is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, proud of the fact that it is the only private Christian school in McKinney that provides a comprehensive college preparatory, Biblicalbased education. MCA is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges, among others, and is a member of several associations, including the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.

Dan Brooks, Vice Chairman of Independent Bank and MCA Board Member, was one of the five founding families.

“The founding families,” he says, “had a strong sense that McKinney needed a school to provide a solid foundation for students with a biblical world view so they would be prepared to excel academically and in life and be motivated to make an impact on this community and the world.”

When MCA opened its doors, it had one kindergarten and one first-grade class – and 13 total students. For its first 10 years, the school consisted of a few simpleYears, the school consisted of a few simple classrooms in an old leased bank building on Graves Street.

Whitney Brock, one of the original 13 students, says attending MCA set her on a course that has brought meaning to her life.

“My teachers at MCA encouraged me intellectually but never compromised their values,” she says. “I have seen people separate their faith from what they teach in the classroom. They didn’t have to do that at MCA. In the same way, I made lifelong friends who share similar Christian beliefs and want to live in a way that is pleasing to Him.”

In fall 2002, the school transitioned to its new permanent campus on 60 scenic acres on Bois d’ Arc Road in the heart of McKinney.

MCA has continued to expand, adding more classrooms, a beautiful Student Life Center and first-class athletic facilities.

Fine arts programs have been further augmented with the addition of graphic design, contemporary band and choir ensemble classes, among others. The athletic program has grown to include sports such as wrestling, soccer, golf, softball and baseball.

MCA also offers a Directed Studies program, which provides the necessary tools for collegebound students with mild to Moderate learning differences.

“The academic and extracurricular programs began as bare bones,” says Keith Bollinger, Head of School from 2009-2012. “As the number of students and classes increased, so did the number and type of programs. MCA wants to offer options available at other schools and to ensure that students have a well-rounded experience.”

Its students perform well on SAT and ACT college entrance exams, and three AP Scholars – including one with distinction and one with honors – were among MCA’s ranks this past school year.

“MCA is sending students to a lot of Great colleges and universities and they 2012 MCA Football Schedule are very successful,” Bollinger says.“Alumni testify to MCA’s academic strength and comprehensive curriculum.They also appreciate how various co-curricular opportunities helped them learn to balance busy schedules.So many kids at MCA get to participate in so many things.”

A few families’ decision 20 years ago to unite and build a school had led to an educational facility that changes the lives of young people and positively impacts the community.

MCA officials and parents agree that the founding families’ vision, the administration’s ongoing commitment to the dream, students’ hard work, and parents’ support all create a unique school environment that molds the hearts and minds of young people.

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About the author: Christa Stewart is a graduate of MCA and the University of Oklahoma, and is proud of the experiences and wisdom she gained At MCA that led to her success.