Frisco mom, Sheacy Thompson, can’t imagine where her kids would be today academically if not for in-home tutoring services.

Not only did they help eliminate the conflict with her kids over their school work, they created more time for their family to be together.

Sheacy, who has two kids that attend Frisco ISD, knew after her youngest (a third grader at the time) had not been in the classroom for 18 weeks, because of COVID, that she had to do something to help get her caught up.

“If a student misses a particular concept, it can be hard to move on to the next concept especially for elementary school-aged students,” Sheacy told Check Out DFW. “During her third grade year she really struggled, so I decided to look into getting her a tutor to get up to speed."

Sheacy was also looking for help for her oldest daughter, who at the time was 12. The needs for that daughter were very different, though.

“My oldest daughter is academically advanced and just gets bored easily,” Sheacy explained. “She will just ignore her school work if she is not interested in it. So I went looking for a tutor who could help make sure she was getting all of her work submitted but also challenge her academically.”

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