WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 16, 2014) – U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) is pleased to announce the 2014-2015 Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) participants. These 81 Collin County high school students were selected by a community board to serve on the council due to their outstanding leadership skills, academic performance, extra-curricular activity participation and community service. The names, grade levels, and hometowns of each student are listed below.

“Now more than ever, it is imperative that our young people not only understand how our democracy works but to get involved so that they can make positive, wise contributions to our country,” said Johnson. “This year’s Congressional Youth Advisory Council is an exciting group of smart and engaged high school students. I consider these young adults to be my ambassadors to Congress, and I look forward to hearing from them on issues that matter the most to them and their peers.”

“The fact that there are such bright, talented, and highly driven young people who are already seeking to engage in the world around them and make their communities a better place gives me great hope for the future of North Texas – and the future of our great nation.”

“I congratulate the students of this year’s Congressional Youth Advisory Council, and I thank all our students who applied. We had a record number of applicants, and I encourage those who are interested in serving on the 2015-2016 Council to apply next fall!”


About CYAC

Congressman Johnson created CYAC in 2004 to gain insight from students in the 3rd District and to inspire civic-minded young adults to achieve their full potential. The group meets roughly twice each school semester with Congressman Johnson and a distinguished guest speaker. During the CYAC activities, high-caliber students explore the role citizens, lawmakers, and experts play in a vibrant democracy.


McKinney Students:

  1. Andrew Boese, 12th grade
  2. Nora Castaneda, 11th frade
  3. Isabella Colandrea, 9th grade
  4. Sean Hurley, 12th grade
  5. Morgan Kee, 10th grade
  6. Isabel Killroy, 11th grade
  7. Budd Millikan, 9th grade
  8. Lauren Patton, 11th grade
  9. Madison Paxton, 12th grade
  10. Nicholas Perovich, 11th grade
  11. Haley Polk, 11th grade
  12. Laiken Ritchie, 11th grade
  13. Christopher Rodenbaugh, 11th grade
  14. Ana Rodriguez, 11th grade
  15. Brennan Stewart, 12th grade
  16. Alexandra Thorson, 10th grade


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Allen Students:

  1. Miriam Laeky, 11th grade
  2. Carson Leung, 10th grade
  3. Gordan Li, 11th grade
  4. Anthony Niedzielski, 11th grade
  5. Grace Swanson, 10th grade

Dallas Students:

  1. Daniel Madden, 11th grade
  2. Victoria Vandekop, 10th grade

Fairview Students:

  1. Michael Kline, 11th grade
  2. Benjamin Prengler, 12th grade
  3. Connor Spencer, 11th grade
  4. Julia Vastano, 11th grade

Frisco Students:

  1. Chloe Campos, 9th grade
  2. Anna Ellis, 9th grade
  3. Nathan Hwang, 11th grade
  4. Jake James, 9th grade
  5. Alyssa Messner, 12th grade
  6. Sydney Polk, 9th grade
  7. Anjali Sridharan, 11th grade
  8. Pranarshitha Veeramraju, 12th grade
  9. Harshini Vivekanandan, 11th grade

Murphy Students:

  1. Alyssa Bottlinger, 9th grade
  2. Audrey Fisher, 12th grade
  3. Devarya Raman, 10th grade

Parker Students:

  1. Steven Elliot, 10th grade

Plano Students:

  1. Akash Baskaran, 9th grade
  2. McKenna Black, 11th grade
  3. Sam Bragg, 11th grade
  4. Connor Bresnahan, 11th grade
  5. Purvi Contractor, 9th grade
  6. Andrew Dickson, 11th grade
  7. Brian Du, 10th grade
  8. Parker Duncan, 10th grade
  9. Britton Edwards, 11th grade
  10. Alex Ellington, 10th grade
  11. Caroline Gaggini, 11th grade
  12. Rohan Gopal, 11th grade
  13. Noah Gonzalez, 10th grade
  14. Aayush Goyal, 11th grade
  15. Madeline Groves, 10th grade
  16. John Hatch, 12th grade
  17. Olivia Heatley, 12th grade
  18. Shelby Highlander, 11th grade
  19. Kevin Hoodwin, 10th grade
  20. Nicholas Hughes, 11th grade
  21. Catherine Kennington, 11th, grade
  22. Bryce Killian, 11th grade
  23. Tracy Lu, 12th grade
  24. Sophia Mapes, 10th grade
  25. Colin McMahan, 11th grade
  26. Veronica Michaels, 11th grade
  27. Shayla Nebeker, 12th grade
  28. Karthik Prabhakaran, 12th grade
  29. Maya Rigley, 11th grade
  30. Kevin Rinkliff, 11th grade
  31. Paige Sellars, 12th grade
  32. Rupasri Shankar, 11th grade
  33. Jared Stahel, 11th grade
  34. Makenzie Stuard, 12th grade
  35. Amelia Trotter, 12th grade
  36. Wendy Wang, 10th grade
  37. Chelsey Wen, 10th grade

Prosper Students:

  1. Julia Bristol, 12th grade
  2. Hannah Crawford, 11th grade

Richardson Students:

  1. Brent He, 11th grade
  2. Spencer Humphrey, 11th grade