“Another successful Collin County Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony,” Beth Ayers, the Chairman, had proudly declared. Grandparents, parents, principals, teachers and other guests came to hear poets, young and adults read their winning poems during the ceremony, held on Sunday, April 21 at 2 p.m. at the Heard-Craig Hall in downtown McKinney.

The Mockingbird Chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas, based in McKinney, has sponsored the annual Collin County Poetry Contest for 42 years. This year’s contest was opened from Oct. 25, 2012 through January 19 to students in kindergarten through 12th grade in Collin County public, private and home schools. The contest was also opened to adults residing in Collin County and to the members of the Mockingbird Chapter regardless of residence.

Sixty schools around Collin County participated in the contest with a total of 534 entries. The judges chose 42 winners: 35 students, 4 from the adult category and 3 from the Mockingbird Poetry Society. The judges announced and presented awards to the winners in all categories:


First, Alyssa Mullen, poem – Happy Things

Second, Sarah Hameed, poem – I Like Princesses

Grade One:

First, Daniel Hendrix, poem – My Dog Rosy

Second, Sanjana Arulkumaran, poem – Together With My Friends

Third, Sidhya Ganesh, poem – My Class Teacher

Honorable mention, Maya Musallam, poem – My Friend Jack

Grade Two:

First, Rhea Rai, poem – Our Trip to New Orleans

Second, Asmita Kulkarni, poem – Friendship

Third, Tabor Menard, poem – New York

Grade Three:

First, Rhea Sood, poem – The Sound of Music

Second, Aubrey Fransen, poem – You’re You and I’m Me

Third, Cassie Liu, poem – The Little Red Bird

Grade Four:

First, Jaqueline Parnell, poem – The Plus-back

Second Kayla Cheney, poem – Pterodactyl

Third, Grace Childers, poem – I Love the Look of Fireworks

Grade Five:

First, Stephanie Zhou, poem – Ballet in Spring

Second, Amparo Calella, poem – Tapping On My Window

Third, Yu Xuan Ai, poem – The 2 Paths

Honorable mention, Toni Case, poem – Arrows


Grade Six:

First, Josh Fiffick, poem – Outcasts

Second, Alina Jarrett, poem – The Truth Will Not Frighten Me Now

Third, Bradly Wilkinson, poem – Spiders

Grade Seven:

First, Paige Kirkham, poem – Swept Away

Second, Molly Johnson, poem – It’s a Viola, Not a Violin

Third, Brooke Gannaway, poem – When Shall Heaven Return

Grade Eight:

First, Erika Hoover, poem – Walk the Extra Mile

Second, Joy Watkins, poem – Hope

Third, Mario Magana, poem – The Beauty of Mexico

Grade Eleven:

First, Rebecca Shinn, poem – Metamorphosis

Second, Sarah Denke, poem – Read to Soar

Third, Mikaela Stutts, poem – That Fearsome Orange Ball

Honorable mention, Lainey Godwin, poem – The Dream of a Cheerleader

Grade Twelve:

First, Kaleigh Koenig, poem – Infinite

Second, Scott Sherrell, poem – River of Regret

Third, Garett Jeffries, poem – “How strong the love ...”


First, Laura Mullen, poem – Old Uncle

Second, John Coffey, poem – Growing Up With Collin County

Third, Daniel Logan, poem – Volume 1

Honorable mention, Maleka Michaud, poem – The Storm

Mockingbird Chapter:

First, Beth Ayers, poem – Gentle Reminders

Second, Edmund Burke, poem – Eight Grade

Third, Daniel McMillen, poem – Road Wars

Irene Robertson, the Mockingbird Chapter President, who handled and emceed the awarding ceremony, said she couldn’t agree more that the Award Ceremony was indeed, a marvelous success.