Wintertime can be more than downtime for college students coming home for the holidays, thanks to Wintermester at Collin College. Apply now. 
A mini-semester nestled inside the traditional winter break of December and January, Wintermester is an opportunity for students to earn credit for Collin College or transfer credits for another university, all in just a few weeks. 

All three of the college’s main campuses will host Wintermester offerings from Dec. 12-20 and Jan. 3-6. Students will get a short break in the middle – Dec. 21-Jan. 2 – so they don’t miss out on any holiday fun.

 “Students can earn some additional credits like they would in a summer semester, helping them graduate faster or knock out a core class that they won’t need to take at the university level,” Registrar Todd Fields said. 

Fields said the mini-semester is beneficial to current students who want to get ahead in their Collin College academic plan, as well as for students who have transferred out but are coming home to visit with family. 

Not currently enrolled at Collin College? Admission applications are available now. Check out the e-schedule for a full list of available courses beginning Oct. 18. Wintermester registration opens Nov. 1 and payment is due upon registration. 

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