Little Elm ISD & Grand Canyon University announce partnership to benefit the community

Little Elm ISD superintendent Daniel Gallagher signed a participant agreement with Grand Canyon University (GCU) that opens up a door of opportunities for Little Elm ISD teachers, staff, their spouses, students and parents. Through the Participants in Learning, Leading, and Serving Program (PLLS), members of the community can receive scholarships for bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in various areas of study.

“We are excited to begin this great opportunity for our students, teachers, and parents,” said Gallagher. “This partnership opens up many doors for building transformational learning for people who are looking to advance their learning or for those who never got a chance to finish college.”

GCU is a private Christian university located in the heart of Phoenix and offers 100% online classes for those looking to pursue higher education opportunities.

“We believe in building the whole community,” said Cassaundra Singleton, local University Development Counselor with GCU. “Higher education is not just for graduating seniors; it is for everyone. When you are able to offer affordable education to the parents, teachers, and their spouses – everyone benefits and it builds the community, education-wise.”

Little Elm ISD staff members are eligible for a scholarship that saves 10% off of the cost of tuition. Spouses of a staff member or parents of student enrolled at Little Elm ISD, are eligible for a 5% scholarship. GCU offers degrees in a variety of fields such as business, doctoral studies, education, engineering and technology, nursing and health care, psychology and counseling, theology and ministry.

Students who are interested in visiting GCU’s campus can make arrangements with Cassaundra Singleton. GCU has offered to cover the cost of flying to visit the main campus in Arizona. GCU has over 20,000 students on campus and over 70,000 online. Applying to GCU is free and is open year-round. Visit to learn more. For information contact Cassaundra Singleton at or call 214-433-1337.