Registering HS Seniors thru May 1, 2019

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Going off to college is an ACHIEVABLE GOAL that takes dedication and will to SUCCEED! It can also be daunting for some students. While students may dread college studies and transition outside of their parents’ homes, most are also worried if they’ll have enough printer paper, toilet tissue, and instant ramen noodles to make it through the semester. For graduating seniors, the strain of college life was made lighter with the support of AEYL and partnering businesses and agencies.

A college trunk party is a recognition exhibition for the graduating students to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and celebrate with family and friends- receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and sound advice before they head off to college. It is a joyous time for all families, especially those families that lack the resources to fully fund their child’s college experience.

There will be a speaker as well as expressions from HS teachers and those that were positively impacted by the graduating student.

The college trunk party will be held in McKinney, Texas. Refreshments will be provided. The college trunk donations valued approx.. $10,000 is sponsored in part by AEYL, 3e United and Capital One and various local businesses for a day centered on providing resources that will help power students’ academic success.

“This year’s college trunk party is not only the 1st of many to come for students in McKinney, but it will be a wonderful opportunity for students to really grasp the love and support from their community agencies. These students will run into difficult times while taking on this task called LIFE, but they will always remember this day and be inspired by the unwavering support of their hometown agency- AEYL, here to support even in the most difficult times.” ~ Ceretha Robinson – AEYL Founder and Programs Director


  • Must be HS Graduating Senior in McKinney, Texas
  • Must have received a college acceptance letter and/or email for college
  • Complete College Trunk Registration Form
    • Attached Acceptance Letter/Email Notice
    • Attached Letter of Character Reference from a teacher, family member, friend, sibling, community member, etc.