Grab a flannel shirt, buckle up that fanny pack and rollerblade to your nearest Walmart where the retailer is going to ‘be kind and rewind’ the calendar back a couple decades.

90s nostalgia is being dialed up on Walmart shelves with these “new” products:

  • Oreo O’s – [Exclusive to Walmart for 90 days and hitting shelves in a few days] If you grew up in the 90s, no doubt you begged (or maybe paged) your parents for that heavenly combination of black Oreo rings and mini dried white marshmallows. Walmart couldn’t forget them either and connected two mega suppliers – Mondelez, who makes Oreos, and Post, who knows a thing or two about cereal – to bring back this classic combo.
  • Zima – Just in time for summer, Zima is coming back to the U.S. It hasn’t been sold here since 2008 and Walmart has purchased as many bottles as they can get their hands on for customers (and their Jolly Ranchers) who are thirsty for this long-awaited comeback.

So crank up your favorite boy band on the CD player and invite all your readers/viewers in the chat room to meet you at Walmart for a 90s revival.

Note – you’ve likely seen the Zima news by now. Knowing this item would be popular, Walmart bought as much inventory as they could to ensure Walmart customers would have no problem tracking it down.