The Super Bowl brings people together, and where there are people a party or a celebration will follow.

In its humble beginnings in January 1967, the Super Bowl was just a game to crown a champion for the 1966 pro football season. Two rival leagues, the NFL and AFL, battled each other for supremacy. The established NFL beat the upstart AFL in that first game.

This year, it is Super Bowl XLVII. That is 47 for those of you who don’t speak in roman numbers.

The Super Bowl now is more than just the game. Yes, the game is played and a champion is crowned. But there is also the debut of new commercials, the signing of the National Anthem by someone famous (generally who can sing), and an elongated halftime show by a different famous musical artist or group.

This year, the National Anthem will be sung by Alicia Keys, and the halftime show will be performed by Beyoncé.

There will be many Super Bowl parties this Sunday. Parties will be held at private homes and public places. Friends, families, acquaintances, all meeting together to enjoy what many hope will be a great game between the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers and the AFC’s Baltimore Ravens.


So what are you planning to do for the Super Bowl? If you are hosting or attending a private party, then food and beverages are on your agenda. Numerous area businesses are offering specials.

•  The Pantry Restaurant in McKinney has coupons through its online newsletter for catering packages, serving anywhere from 10 to 25 people. Hot wings, lasagna, spaghetti, enchiladas and more are on the menu. Visit

•  Market Street will have party trays for your needs. Choose from vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses and more. Their website also has recipes for a wide array of dips, from the classic ranch to the tasty chile con queso or guacamole. Visit

•  Spoons Café, located in Historic Downtown McKinney, has an ordering page devoted to the Super Bowl. You can click and choose from many platters, including chicken tenders, chips and dips, cranberry meatballs, bacon wrapped dates and more. Visit

•  The Holiday Inn and Suites in McKinney posted on its Facebook page its plans for Super Bowl Sunday: All-you-can-eat ribs for $7 and domestic beers for $2.50. There’s also an invitation to play their “interactive drinking game.” The festivities begin at 5 p.m. in Chaser’s Lounge. Visit and search for the McKinney-Fairview location.

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