The Art of Living Beautifully

Good morning, McKinney!

Today I want to introduce you to a new aspect of The Art of Living Beautifully, one that, like our other avenues of media, shares inspiration and local businesses through The Art of Living Beautifully’s designer lens…but this time, the lens is literal. We’re stepping out from behind the computer, headed in front of the camera, and we’re taking you with us.

Anyone can drive by. Anyone can read the sign. And anyone can enter through the front door. But only The Art of Living Beautifully has access to the Staff Entrance…


To learn more about Rye, may I point your attention to our SPRING MAGAZINE, specifically our 1500 word feature on Rye. If you haven’t yet read our Spring Magazine, you can visit the digital copy HERE or purchase a printed subscription HERE…either way, the feature on Rye is found on page 18. I hope you will read about this tiny farm-to-table, small plates restaurant, their passion for flavor and the experience of dining. It is a story TAOLB had the great privilege to tell, and we hope you enjoy it!

You can find Rye by visiting their WEBSITEFACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM.