You ever notice that every Super Bowl food article either has ways to make it quick, ways to make it healthy or ways to impress? What happened to just being good food. Look, eating at a Super Bowl party or in your house by yourself (like I did last year) isn’t supposed to be healthy or fancy.

That’s the fun of it, the nostalgia ... wings, beer, chips and dip. Of course you can adjust to make things healthy (like baked wings) and according to dietary restrictions. But at the end of the day, your Super Bowl menu shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be complicated. Some wings or sandwiches (great Carolina pulled pork and slaw sliders), chips (I like my two for $5 deals) and finally, something sweet and easy like cookies.

The more your guests have to worry about eating the right way or forks and knives, the less time they have to enjoy the company or watch the big game. If you are the one preparing everything, you too have less time to enjoy the festivities. Enjoy and good eats.

Recipe: Good Easy Guacamole

•  2 large Avocados

•  1 Roma Tomato (remove seeds)

•  1 Lime

•  Cilantro

•  ¼ cup Red Onion

•  1 Jalapeno (adjust to desired heat level)

•  2 tsp. Chopped Garlic

•  ½ tsp. Cumin

•  ½ tsp. Coriander

•  Salt and Pepper to taste

In medium bowl add diced tomato, onion, garlic, jalapeno then toss lightly.

Dice Avocado and add to bowl along with roughly chopped cilantro and ½ lime juice, cumin and coriander.

Mix well, and add salt and pepper to taste ... Enjoy!

About the author: J. Brennen is the mother of two young children and co-owner of Chefs for Hire catering and personal chef service. Recipes courtesy of Chef Kevin Johnson, Owner-Chefs for Hire. Visit

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art